Westminster Abbey

E/T in front of the sign for Westminster Abbey
Good morning!

Our first morning in London we walked to Westminster Abbey. The line was out the door and around the corner – and, of course, this was made all the more lovely by the rain, which was coming down off-and-on.

Front view of Westminster Abbey with a long line out the door
So much for getting to the Abbey early and avoiding the lines.

There was a sign at the door which announced “Pickpockets operate in this area.” Nothing like putting you at ease before hours and hours of gawking inside…

Detail over one of the doors on the exterior of Westminster Abbey
Detail work on the exterior of Westminster Abbey

Sadly, we couldn’t take pictures inside. So, here are some highlights (taken from the postcards we got in the gift shop).

Monument to Lady Elizabeth Nightingale with Death reaching up to grab her as her husband tries to intervene
Monument to Lady Elizabeth Nightingale – Lady Elizabeth died in childbirth; Death is seen here reaching for her as her husband tries to intervene and protect her from Death’s grasp.
Henry VII's Lady Chapel ceiling
Henry VII’s Lady Chapel ceiling – this was one of my favorite parts of Westminster Abbey. It is gorgeous and was named one of the wonders of the world when it was erected.
Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey
Poets’ Corner, where many British authors, poets, playwrights, and composers are buried and/or commemorated. Chaucer is buried in the bottom left sarcophagus and the large standing statue is William Shakespeare. Can you find Jane Austen’s commemoration?
Arrow pointing to tiny plaque which reads Jane Austen 1775 - 1817
There she is!
Monument to Sir Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey
Upon seeing this Monument to Sir Isaac Newton, my brain started tickling – this was in a Dan Brown book, right? I couldn’t remember which one, nor could Tank — but Google now tells me it was The Da Vinci Code.
Westminster Abbey Coronation Chair
The Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey – Since 1308, nearly all sovereigns have been seated in this chair during their coronation.

I LOVED Westminster Abbey – I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.


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