Brain Winning [for now]

Current status:

April 6, 2015

Nonstop. (At least through Thursday.)

Naturally, dreaming of this:

April 25, 2013 

So it goes.


2014: Year in Review

(Yeah, we’re doing this again.)

January: Susan Bones came home to me.

January 2, 2014 | Washington, DC | Janeway

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Cinematic Weekend, vol. 2

Movies are a good way to kick the flu.

The flu is a beast this year.

I had a terrible case that knocked me out for a week. By the time the 3-day holiday weekend rolled around, I convinced myself that I was feeling slightly better — so as not to waste the extra day off in bed. Instead, I spent the weekend at the movies.


I gave Jon an E Street gift certificate for his birthday, and we spent part of it to go and see a matinee of Birdman.

Walking in, I didn’t really know what Birdman was about, aside from the fact that it had Michael Keaton in it and was about an aging actor who used to be a comic book movie superhero. It’s about that…and relevancy and your legacy, all centered around a play on Broadway. The shooting style was really cool (so descriptive!) and the soundtrack, comprised almost solely of a jazz drummer, was amazing and helped build the atmosphere.

Over lunch, as we were deciding what to do next, Jon suggested, perhaps jokingly, that we should go to another movie. “Why the eff not?

Why the eff not indeed.

I pulled up the “Go Now” part of my Fandango app and perused the upcoming titles. We landed on The Hobbit 3, playing at Chinatown in 30 minutes. Since we were only a 15-minute walk away… Done.

The Hobbit 3 didn’t fare nearly as well in my mind. It was the first time I’d seen the double-speed digital filming or whatever and I hated it. ::Curmudgeonly harrumph:: With apologies to the decision-making of Sir Peter Jackson, The Hobbit shouldn’t have been three movies. I’m sure there were things about it that I liked, I just can’t remember any right now.

January 17, 2015

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Confessions of a Sociopath & a Blog Giveaway

A coworker recently told me about Blogging for Books – free books for bloggers? Yes, please! I signed up immediately.

My first book was Confessions of a Sociopath by M.E. Thomas – I picked it because I thought the topic would be interesting and because the cover looked cool (yes, I’m one of those people that at least partially judges a book by its cover):

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but Thomas sets up her premise right away:

I figured that if I existed, there must be others like me–other sociopaths who didn’t make their impact in a world of crime but out in the business and professional world. I wanted to shape the dialogue to reflect my point of view. I wanted to expand the discussion of sociopaths beyond the traditional study of incarcerated criminals.

Ok. Let’s go.

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Make it Blue

One of the few things that I knew early on about my wedding was that I wanted to have blue hair. There weren’t many traditions that I felt the need to adhere to, however The Four Somethings (old, new, borrowed, & blue) was one that, for reasons unknown, I felt a deep desire to do.

I didn’t tell many people about this decision as my usual hair stylist flat-out refused and I received a rather tepid response from the groom himself (“Like blue blue?” “You know what else would look good? Your normal hair color.”) (he eventually came around to the idea).

As I searched for a new stylist/colorist, I hit a few dead ends before my sister came through with a solid recommendation: Tricia at Urban Style Lab. (Not currently living in DC, she came upon this recommendation because the salon uses Wella products, which are the same used by her former, much-loved stylist.) They didn’t flinch at all when I described my request and could accommodate my short timeframe. Appointment made.

So it began. With bleach:


We were forced to bleach my hair twice before moving on to coloring. (Here’s another process shot from the Lab’s Instagram feed.) I had erroneously believed/vainly hoped that my lighter brown hair color would mean that only once would do the trick.

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