Brain Winning [for now]

Current status:

April 6, 2015

Nonstop. (At least through Thursday.)

Naturally, dreaming of this:

April 25, 2013 

So it goes.


I’d Rather Be

This blog has been rather quiet of late, but with good reason(s) – I turned 30, got married, and did some traveling for my honeymoon. All good things. I’m now back to Normal Life and will be devoting some time to catching up on this thing.

Today I’m lamenting the end of an all-too-short weekend – my first back home after more than a month of weekends away. I had a crazy week at work, all while battling an ear infection. I’m finally feeling better, but I could use a week of weekends to clean my house, rest, and generally catch up on life. Not in the cards, so I will just daydream about this…

Drinks by the infinity pool in Tahiti
May 12, 2014 | Papeete, Tahiti

…that time I could wile away the hours reading, sipping, or just being present.

2013: Year in Review

Because it was so much fun a last year

January:  Spending New Years in the Golan, hiking Masada, and staying in this most amazing of places in the Negev desert (home of the HBDP) — all during Jenelle’s visit.

January 5, 2013 | Negev Desert, Israel

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We Have To Go Back

beach mirrorgram
September 1, 2013

I spent Labor Day weekend in and around Virginia Beach — but only one measly day on the beach itself and about 16 hours in traffic.

Ummm, where did the summer go?

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The Other Haifa

A friend of mine is visiting Haifa this weekend — I’m slightly jealous, so I’ve been reminiscing… This is from my second big visit to Haifa, while my parents were in town. We stayed on the mountaintop instead of on the coast and had a very different experience. First, the view was a little different.

City of Haifa and coastline
November 24, 2012

We also had to deal with the crazy confusing roads a lot more — just getting into the parking lot of our hotel involved a couple of different attempts and a lot of circling around. Luckily, we had a car with a good engine (“shitty trunk…but good engine”).

Mom, Dad, and Jon in front of the car outside our house
November 22, 2012

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Things I’ll Miss About Living in Ramallah

As my time wound down in Ramallah, a lot of people asked me what I’d miss about it. There’s a lot…ranging from the unique, like the friends I’ve made, to the banal, like the weather. Here are just a few, in no particular order:

1) The birthday song.

This amazing song can be heard nearly every night you go out in Ramallah. It is accompanied by the delivery of a cake with a giant flare sticking out of the top. Since the outdoor bar opened across the street during Ramadan last year, Jon and I have heard this little ditty more times than I can count. I love it.

Guaranteed: I’ll play it for your next birthday if I see you.

I was finally at a table recently where the birthday song was played and a flare-cake delivered. It did not disappoint.

birthday cake flare at Azure
April 24, 2013 | Azure Restaurant, Ramallah

By extension, I include all the nightlife in Ramallah, which is surprisingly robust — I’ll miss the ability to have fresh hubbly-bubbly with my glass of wine and, whenever it’s someone’s birthday, (a) hearing this song and (b) seeing a cake with a flare on top of it.

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