2013: Year in Review

Because it was so much fun a last year

January: ┬áSpending New Years in the Golan, hiking Masada, and staying in this most amazing of places in the Negev desert (home of the HBDP) — all┬áduring Jenelle’s visit.

January 5, 2013 | Negev Desert, Israel

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Hiking Boots Dance Party

I recently had a friend visiting from DC. While she was here, we drove down to the Negev and stayed at the Desert Days Eco-Lodge, which was “sustainable with a capital ‘S'” (according to Lonely Planet). It. was. gorgeous.

We had a fire pit and an indoor fireplace for warmth, which we took full advantage of. After enjoying a fire outside, Jenelle suggested we rock a hiking boots dance party inside.

Outdoor firepit at the Negev Eco-Lodge
January 3, 2013

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