Changing of the Guard, South Korea

At the end of my visit to Gyeongbokgung, Jonathan and I saw some flags being carried through the main square by people wearing traditional Korean clothing. We rushed over, even though neither Jon nor I had any idea what was going on. Once we saw the swords and heard the music, we cleverly deduced that this was probably a changing of the guard ceremony.

Colorful Flags at the Changing of the Guard, Gyeongbokgung Palace
January 26, 2013

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Jerusalem Light Festival

So, a couple of months ago the Festival of Light happened in the Old City of Jerusalem. We went.

A few coworkers/friends were interested in going, so a car-full of us headed into Jerusalem after work one evening and traffic. was. awful. It was the worst traffic I’d seen in Jerusalem to date.

We parked near the Damascus Gate, where you could play pinball on the walls.

Pin ball light show reflected on Damascus Gate

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Just Your Average Thursday Night

group of men singing, dancing, and playing music

While eating dinner (and watching Battlestar Galactica) Thursday night, Jon and I couldn’t help noticing a lot of noise coming up from the street. First a lot of honking, then a lot of yelling, and eventually drums and voices singing. We were looking out all the windows in our apartment, when we finally found the source of the commotion: it appeared to be a group of men singing, dancing, and playing music. We’re thinking wedding-related.

Video after the jump.

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Music [London Calling]

I Feel Sheepish

I was going to post some photos today from recent travels around Israel, but instead — like the Totally Cool Person that I am — I’ve spent the better part of the day combing my music collection on iTunes for British bands and singers to turn into a playlist for the upcoming London Trip. I shouldn’t admit this, but it’s too late! Ship = sailed.

(Plus, Jonathan has been playing Skyrim for nearly 16 hours, so we both have problems.)

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