King of the Mountain

If there is a hill, we will climb it.

May 1, 2015 | Raufarhólshellir, Iceland


Briar Rose

“She’ll be perfectly safe.”

“Until Maleficent sends a frost.”

Frozen Rose
December 8, 2013

It snowed this weekend! I think I was one of the few in DC that was pleased by this.

I found this on my walk to yoga Sunday night. (I was one of the few out and about — this town shuts down when there’s any hint of ice, snow, or sleet.) Naturally, it made me think of Sleeping Beauty.


Arriving in Germany was a bit of a shock, albeit a happy snow-filled one — but then I love snow, so I thought it was like walking into a wintry storybook.

Arrival at the Berlin Airport
March 19, 2013

Jon and I took the train from the airport to the Berlin Hbf train station, where we met up with Nick and boarded a train to Quedlinburg.

How did we decide to go there, you might ask? Jon did google image searches for “beautiful German towns” (or variations on that theme) and Quedlinburg kept coming up. What could go wrong?

After a few hours on the train, we arrived!

Arrival in Quedlinburg
March 19, 2013 | Photo by Jonathan

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