Island Hospitality

For our wedding/honeymoon, Jon and I continued in our tradition of renting flats and/or places with kitchens in order to better serve the celiacs among us. Aside from the sad-yet-convenient Tahiti Airport Motel, we stayed in some amazing places.

Balcony View | Tahiti, French Polynesia | May 11, 2014

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About 10 months ago my Grandma requested that I share some photos of my apartment. I took pictures then, but never got around to posting them (sorry Gma!). Without further ado, say hello to where I’ve been living for the last year.

Our apartment is on the third floor (American definition)/2nd floor (Palestinian definition).

May 26, 2012

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Beware the Weeping Angels

One of my favorite places to hang out on the weekends is Jaffa. The old port has been transformed — with converted buildings now serving as art galleries, shops, restaurants, and coffeeshops. It would have taken me a lot longer to find this place had my brother-in-law not sent me an article about the most beautiful coffeeshops in the world — one of which, loveat, is found in Jaffa.

around loveat in Jaffa
November 30, 2012

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A Visit to Gyeongbokgung

On my first morning in Seoul, South Korea, Jon and I headed for Gyeongbokgung — the largest palace in Seoul and recommended to us by a friend. This was my first visit to East Asia and I was beyond excited to explore.

Ticket Office at Gyeongbokgung
January 26, 2013

When we booked the tickets, I don’t think Jon or I anticipated how cold it would be in Seoul so let me be clear: it was cold. Since we were on the way to New Zealand (where it was the dead of beach season), I wasn’t totally mentally prepared for the level of cold (and wind!!) we faced each day. I brought many layers (though I only wore two pairs of pants each day…one less than Jon’s mom while in Ireland).

Us bundled up in front of the entrance
January 26, 2013

Jon switched to a hat that covered his ears about 10 seconds after this picture was taken.

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