Make it Blue

One of the few things that I knew early on about my wedding was that I wanted to have blue hair. There weren’t many traditions that I felt the need to adhere to, however The Four Somethings (old, new, borrowed, & blue) was one that, for reasons unknown, I felt a deep desire to do.

I didn’t tell many people about this decision as my usual hair stylist flat-out refused and I received a rather tepid response from the groom himself (“Like blue blue?” “You know what else would look good? Your normal hair color.”) (he eventually came around to the idea).

As I searched for a new stylist/colorist, I hit a few dead ends before my sister came through with a solid recommendation: Tricia at Urban Style Lab. (Not currently living in DC, she came upon this recommendation because the salon uses Wella products, which are the same used by her former, much-loved stylist.) They didn’t flinch at all when I described my request and could accommodate my short timeframe. Appointment made.

So it began. With bleach:


We were forced to bleach my hair twice before moving on to coloring. (Here’s another process shot from the Lab’s Instagram feed.) I had erroneously believed/vainly hoped that my lighter brown hair color would mean that only once would do the trick.

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While my parents were here, Jonathan and I took them to visit the ruins at Caesarea.

Arrival Gate at Caesarea National Park
November 22, 2012

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Something Awesome

I spent most of today going through all of Jon’s and my photos from New Zealand and South Korea. We only took about 1,300. So.

The point of the trip to New Zealand was two-fold: first, to FINALLY visit my lovely Berit (one of the infamous Schmidt House girls), and second, to participate in her wedding to a wonderful Kiwi, Gavin. The wedding was gorgeous. The reception was held at a local restaurant, The Mediterranean. There were board games, music, and booze before dinner. Before the food started to come out, this happened.

Jonathan had my iPhone and directed us to “Do something awesome.”

Something Awesome: Take 1, Emily & Berit

B&E do something awesome
February 2, 2013

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Just Your Average Thursday Night

group of men singing, dancing, and playing music

While eating dinner (and watching Battlestar Galactica) Thursday night, Jon and I couldn’t help noticing a lot of noise coming up from the street. First a lot of honking, then a lot of yelling, and eventually drums and voices singing. We were looking out all the windows in our apartment, when we finally found the source of the commotion: it appeared to be a group of men singing, dancing, and playing music. We’re thinking wedding-related.

Video after the jump.

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